Friday, February 11, 2011

China Drills High-Tech Drill Ship Mart

China Drills High-Tech Drill Ship Mart

China Drills High-Tech Drill Ship Mart
China rallying in the global shipbuilding race has entered the high-tech drill ship market on the back of domestic demand.

According to a report by Motorship China's Cosco Dalian Shipyard has been awarded a US$500 million turnkey EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) contract by Dalian Deepwater Development to build an advanced and versatile DP3 deepwater drillship.

This unique vessel with a hull size of 291m by 50m is designed to operate efficiently and safely in harsh environments and at ultra-deep water depths up to 10 000 ft (3 050m) with drilling depths exceeding 30 000 ft (9 150m).

The vessel will have a separate production moon-pool with the largest variable deck-load capacity deck space and cargo storage capacity in the world. The drillship is upgradeable for enhanced well intervention capabilities extended well testing and early field production with 1- million-barrel crude oil storage capacity.
Cosco Dalian’s contract with Dalian Deepwater Development became effective on July 20 with the vessel expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2012.

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