Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cruise Ind. Development Roadmap Due

Cruise Ind. Development Roadmap Due

The Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) prepared a marine tourism & leisure industry activation plan to nurture related industries as new growth engines.

To foster the marine tourism & leisure field where demand is increasing sharply owing to the adoption of the five-day workweek and improvement in transportation accessibility MLTM plans to expand infrastructure to support the industry and develop diverse tourism programs actively.

The core of MLTM's plan includes preparing infrastructure to enable the general public to learn and enjoy non-motorized water leisure activities and sports such as windsurfing and waterskiing in city suburbs.

The plan also includes development of cruise terminals at six ports including Busan and Incheon by 2020 to respond to the growing Northeast Asian cruise market demand which is emerging as a Blue-Ocean opportunity.

To achieve its goals MLTM intends to promote onboard immigration procedures to increase visits of international cruise ships to Korea and to develop traditional culture experience programs at domestic ports of call jointly with other related ministries. The ministry also decided to prepare a 'Cruise Industry Development Plan' to accelerate the participation of Korean ocean-going shipping companies in the cruise industry.

In addition MLTM intends to develop diverse tourism programs and stimulate new marine tourism demand.

Overview of Planned Facility Expansion Cruise Terminals etc.

■ Promotion Goal

o Expand exclusive international cruise terminals at foothold ports to respond to future cruise demand and support stimulation of regional economies.
- Already secured exclusive cruise piers at Busan (Yeongdo) and Yeosu (New Port)

■ Promotion Status

o Commence construction of an international cruise terminal at Jeju Port (MLTM June '12)
* Implementation design for Ganjeong Cruise Terminal in Seoguipo is underway (Nov. '09 ~ Sept. '10)

o Negotiations for construction of an international passenger (cruise) terminal at the South Port of Incheon ongoing (IPA June '09)
* IPA (Incheon Port Authority) is constructing infrastructure facilities for the international passenger terminal (Dec. '09 ~ Aug. '12)

o Completed feasibility study and basic design service contracts for privateinvested international passenger (cruise) terminals at Pyeongtaek and Dangjin ports (MLTM Apr. '09 ~ Jan. '10)

o Completed implementation design for construction of a cruise terminal at Yeosu New Port (2012 Yeosu Expo Organizing Committee Feb. '09 ~ July '10)

Cruise Industry Cultivation Plan

■ Promotion Background

o The cruise industry is a high value-added industry for the 21st century that has positive ripple effects on related industries such as shipping tourism shipbuilding airline interior outfitting etc.

o To solidify Korea as a representative port of call in the Northeast Asian cruise market nurture Korean cruise shipping companies and create high value-added marine tourism service market.

■ Major Content

o Actively induce domestic calls by foreign international cruise ships

* Develop high value-added experience-type tourism programs simplify immigration inspection procedures reduce port facility utilization fees and establish a manpower cultivation system

* Select key regions for inducement of domestic ports of call and support marketing; build overseas publicity networks and strengthen sales promotion

o Create infrastructure to nurture Korean cruise shipping companies

* Support securing of ships for Korea's international cruise ship companies and expand the scope of employment for foreign sailors as Korean cruise ship crew.

o Organize Cruise Tourism Promotion Council and activate information exchanges

* Organize and operate a Cruise Tourism Promotion Council strengthen international cooperation in the Northeast Asian region manage statistics and build an information-sharing system.

■ Future Promotion Plan

o Prepare 'Cruise Industry Activation Plan' through collection of opinions from local autonomous bodies Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) port authorities etc. and consultations with related ministries (Dec. '10)

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