Thursday, February 10, 2011

NEW Hydraulic Holmatro Winch for Classic

NEW Hydraulic Holmatro Winch for Classic Mega-yachts


Holmatro has launched their biggest winch ever: The New Hydraulic Holmatro Winch. This type 6000 winch is the first of a new range of winches Holmatro has developed for classic mega-yachts.

For the increasing demand in mega-yachts Holmatro has developed a new hydraulic winch. This fully hydraulic winch is extremely rugged and reliable. It is based on an entirely different concept than the current open gear winches with a mechanism that is completely sealed and in normal conditions is virtually maintenance free. This hydraulic winch generates a maximum force of 6 tons with a line speed of 30 meter/minute. These are actual not theoretical figures!

Modern yet classic

The mega-yacht winches are available in both classic bronze and stainless steel design. A custom design of the drum is possible as Holmatro allows customers to adjust the design of a drum to the design of the boat.


Because mega-yachts travel many more nautical miles and experience more severe conditions than average cruising yachts Holmatro developed this winch with an ultimate degree of reliability in mind. With its unique and sealed gear housing this winch should outlive the yacht it is placed on.

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