Friday, February 11, 2011

Shipbuilding & Marine S/W Convergence..

Shipbuilding & Marine S/W Convergence

Shipbuilding & Marine S/W Convergence Tech
Commercialization Project Launched

On July 27 Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency and Gyeongnam Robot Industry Foundation held a report session on the launch of a 'Project to Commercialize Shipbuilding & Marine Software Convergence Technologies for the Southeast Sphere' at the Paradise Hotel in Busan.

With this session as the start the two organizations took up development of fusion technologies in six fields that will lead  the advancement of IT industry structures as well as regional shipbuilding and marine equipment industries through fusion of shipbuilding and marine industries with IT and S/W.

Earlier Busan Metropolitan City and Gyeongnam Province filed an application for this project with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to promote as a regional S/W convergence business for two years until 2011 targeting the common goal of stimulating the southeast sphere's shipbuilding & marine + IT industries. Subsegmently the ministry selected it as the most promising task early this year.

The six tasks to be promoted are 'Establishment of AtoN AIS-based Navigation Signs Management System' (New Marine Engineering); 'Establishment of an Integrated Platform for Small & Medium-size Repair Shipyards' (eCIS); 'Development of 3D Design Model-based As-Built Information Management System' (Samin Information System); 'Development of Corrosion Monitoring System Utilizing Corrosion Sensor' (Uli Information); Development of Control Valve Integration System with Application of NMEA2000/Mits' (Shilla Information); and 'Development of Remote-controlled Health and Safety System for Realization of Smart Ships' (Extriple).

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