Wednesday, July 6, 2011

China ship output value rises

The total industrial output value of China's shipbuilding industry increased 25.4% year on year to RMB 302.3 billion in the first five months of this year, according to a report released by the National Development and Reform Commission.

The figure is based on the above-scale 1,524 Chinese shipbuilding enterprises.

Of the total output value, RMB 233.7 billion was derived from ship manufacturing, up 25% year on year, RMB 35.1 billion from supporting business of shipbuilding industry, up 35.9% year on year and the remaining RMB 30.3 billion from ship maintenance, up 16.2% year on year.

In the first five months of 2011, China's shipbuilders finished 25.07 million dead weight tons of shipbuilding orders, up 6% year on year, and received 18.11 million DWT of new ship orders, down 7.8% from a year earlier. In May alone, the completed shipbuilding orders with a record 6.25 million DWT.

As of the end of May, China's shipbuilding industry saw a total 184.15 million DWT of orders in hand, declining 1.1% year on year or was 6% less than that at the end of last year.

During the period from January to May this year, the shipbuilding sector saw delivery value of exports rise 17.8% from a year earlier to RMB 128.8 billion, consisting of RMB 110.7 billion in ship manufacturing, RMB 4.1 billion in supporting business and RMB 11.9 billion in ship maintenance.

In the same period, China exported 21.23 million DWT of ships, accounting for 84.7% of the total. New shipbuilding orders for exports accounted for 73.2% of the total in the five-month period, reaching 13.26 million DWT. As of May 31, China's shipbuilding industry saw 157.08 million DWT of orders in hand for exports, accounting for 85.3% of the total.

In the first four months of this year, China's above-scale enterprises in shipbuilding industry saw revenue derived from core business reach RMB 190.1 billion, up 27% year on year, and their gross profits surged 23.8% year on year to RMB 14.2 billion.

The above-scale shipbuilders' profit margin on sales stood at 7.5% in the fourth-month period, 1.3 percentage points higher than the average in the country's shipbuilding industry.

Published : July 6, 2011

Source: Asiasis

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