Friday, July 1, 2011

MAN lands Korean naval order

Under the project name LST-II, Hanjin is constructing the landing ship tank (LST) vessel, which has an approximate length of 127 m.


The naval vessel features a CODAD (Combined Diesel and Diesel) propulsion configuration with the 4 × 12V28/33D STC diesel engines integrated with two twin-input/single-output gearboxes and two CP propellers.

The four engines are each rated at 5,460 kW and 1,000 rpm, with each featuring a 10% overload capacity for 1 hour/6 hours.

The MAN 28/33 variant's STC suffix denotes its sequential turbocharging system and its characteristic large torque envelope.

Delivery date for the engines has been set for October 2012 with the landing ship due for delivery in September 2014.

The contract is the result of another successful cooperation between MAN Diesel & Turbo and its long-standing, Korean partner - STX - and is the initial fruit of a new V28/33D licence.

Published : July 1, 2011

Source: Asiasis

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