Friday, July 15, 2011

Wartsila wins dredger engine

Finnish engine builder Wartsila is celebrating the award of a series of orders to supply propulsion equipment to companies in both the Netherlands and China.

In total, the Helsinki-based company will supply engine and propulsion equipment to three projects for five dredgers, which are all set to become operational over the next two years.

The first deal will see Wartsila provide engines and fixed pitch propellers (FPP) to Rotterdam-based dredging and marine contractor Van Oord.

Under the arrangement Wartsila will provide equipment installation for the Artenius, which is the second of two large self-propelled cutter suction dredgers being constructed by Van Oord at the IHC Dredgers shipyard in Kinderdijk, which is 15km to the east of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The Artenius is expected to become operational in the third quarter of 2012 and, according to Wartsila, it requires the use of “very powerful engines” with a “quick response and high reliability”.

Wartsila will also provide equipment for Van Oord’s dredger Athena (built 2011). Both vessels will be equipped with three Wartsila 6L46F engines, and will feature Wartsila FPPs. Wartsila is also currently negotiating with Van Oord about a Dynamic Management agreement.

On top of its work with Van Oord, Wartsila has also received an order for two Wartsila 16V32 engines, propulsion equipment and systems for a hopper dredger currently being constructed by Chinese shipyard Nantong Gangzha Shipping Manufacturing. The dredger is scheduled to be fully operational by the third quarter of 2012.

In addition, Wartsila has also received an order from the Tianjin Dredging Company (TDC), which is part of the state-owned CCCC Group, to provide propulsion packages for two dredgers being currently built. These vessels are excepted to be in operation by the beginning of 2012.

The work with TDC will build on the existing arrangement between the two companies, with Wartsila having provided engines for three other jumbo hoppers.

Published : July 14, 2011

Source: Asiasis


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