Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hyundai's world largest icebreaker

Hyundai Heavy Industry of South Korea developed an arctic icebreaking commercial vessel, the largest in the world.

Hyundai announced on Aug 24 that final performance test for 190,000-dwt icebreaking ore carrier is successfully completed at Institute for Ocean Technology in Canada.

This icebreaker, 310m in length and 51m in breadth, is able to navigate in a speed of six knot (11km/h) while breaking 1.7-meter thick of Canadian frozen sea.

Although its capacity is over twice larger than currently-in-service 70,000-dwt icebreaker, speed rate is boastful. Also, its energy efficiency increased over 5%.

Applying a dual propelling system, with installment of two ring-type propellers, mobility is improved and designed to be floating ice-proof.

Published : August 24, 2011


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