Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Japan steel dumping

Japanese steel companies are recently dumping export steel products, such as hot-rolled steel plate, thick plate, etc., to Korea. Exporting price is at most 30% lower than Japan's domestic price and South Korea's steel players are paying sharp attention.

According to steel industry, Japan's major steel companies, for instance, Nippon Steel, JFE Steel, Sumitomo Metal Industries, etc., downed prices of hot-rolled steel plate and thick plate to $720 - $730 and $830 - $840 per ton, respectively.  

These prices are not much different from Chinese prices of $720 and $820 each.

Due to products' high quality, steel prices of Japan are $100 to $200 per ton higher than those of China, in general.

Amid depressed Japanese market inventories pile up after Eastern Japan earthquake, Japan disposes of products close to manufacturing cost. Also, with an advantage of low freight, dumping supply is concentrated to geographically adjacent Korea.  

Meanwhile, Korea's main steel makers, POSCO, Hyundai-Steel, etc., are watching up Japan. And one company official said that they are in the middle of looking into antidumping lawsuit.

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