Monday, August 22, 2011

New orders lowest in July

In July, the smallest newbuilding order was recorded with 64 ships, 2.9m dwt.

Clarkson Research Services reported that total newbuilding order ended up $2.3bn in July, falling short of a monthly average of $9.2bn in this first half year. LNG carriers took 70% of newbuilding order with $1.6bn last month.

Accumulated newbuilding order in 2011 is $57.5bn of 739 vessels by July, Greek shipowners holding the largest amount of 16%. China recorded the biggest newbuilding order last year, however, has order of $2.4bn y-t-d.

Meanwhile, South Korean shipbuilders won $35.2bn, 251 vessels, 10.2m cgt of newbuilding orders by July, outdistancing China with $9.6bn, 294 ships, 5.7m cgt.

World newbuilding delivery in July was 7.1m dwt of 97 ships and accumulated delivery by July shows 89.7m dwt of 1,380 vessels, among which bulkers took 45.3% in terms of number of ships.

Korea has delivered $25bn, 296 ships, 8.9m cgt of newbuilding by July and China delivered $24bn, 617 vessels, 10.2m cgt.

World total backlog as of July plunged to the lowest level since Apr 2006, scoring 6,849 ships, 421.2m dwt, 132.5m cgt.

Meanwhile, Clarkson Newbuilding Price Index, which rose a bit in May and June, went down by 0.7p for a month to 141.5p in July. Big drops in standard newbuilding price of bulkers by about $1.5m - $2m had a great effect on newbuilding index, especially.

Published : August 22, 2011


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