Friday, January 28, 2011

Fairstar Invests in Asbestos-Free Fleet

Fairstar Invests in Asbestos-Free Fleet
Dutch company Fairstar Heavy Transport has signed a US$4,800,000 contract with DSME to transport FPSO components from Angola to Korea, making this the third marine heavy transportation contract between the two companies. Fairstar’s open-stern, semi-submersible vessel FJORD will perform the contracted transport.
Fairstar Client Services Group Sales Team Leader Chris Muilwijk says of DSME, “Their standards for safety, on-time delivery and precise engineering support are extremely high. Winning this contract in the face of intense industry competition is another important achievement for Fairstar. Additionally, it perfectly positions FJORD to begin its work on the Gorgon Project in Q1 of 2012. These two contracts combine to give FJORD almost two years of continuous utilisation in 2012 and 2013.”
Fairstar claims to be on the cutting edge of heavy transport with its new vessels like the FJORD. The company’s Chief Executive Philip Adkins says that Fairstar is well aware that “clients will not consider vessels older than 15 years” and that modern, safe and efficient ships are the future.
Adkins specifically cites Australian energy projects that are beginning to require vessels that are certified “asbestos-free” as the types of change for the better that the industry can expect to see. Asbestos is a highly toxic mineral used commonly in shipbuilding, despite the fact that it causes lung cancer and mesothelioma, a rare cancer of the protective lining of the body’s major cavities and organs. There has been a long and tragic legacy of environmental hazards and malignant mesothelioma because of asbestos’ role in this industry.
Fairstar says it welcomes these higher standards and that they validate “the investment of our shareholders in Fairstar’s fleet of four modern, asbestos-free, open-stern semi-submersible vessels.”

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