Friday, March 30, 2012


Overview of MGPS
Marine fouling and biofouling commonly occur in Seawater circulation systems. This involves the Establishment of marine plants and animals, and Bacterial growths. These fouling organisms enter the system in microscopic and macroscopic form, eg. Larvae and spats, settle and develop into adult forms wherever favourable environment condition exist.

Control Power Unit
Designed for 220V 60Hz Single phase
The current flowing to each anode is indicated by a seven segment digital display.
This allows visual monitoring of all the separate anode currents. The unit also incorporates the following Features as standard:
1. Signalling of open circuit of failure to supply current due to worn anode by flashing display
2. Mains failure signaled by flashing second decimal point on display
3. Mains healthy led indicator

MGPS Anodes
MGPS anodes are preferably installed in a sea chest and secured with specially designed safety caps. Such anodes will have a design life coinciding with dry dock schedules.
In-board fitments in the pipeline or in strainers when anode can be replaced at any time are also possible. The anode are all wired to one or more common control panels that can also have connections to the pump controlling the water flow.

Featured and Benefits
- simple installation
- Pressure tested safety cofferdams
- Reliable, automatic operation with minimal attention from the crew
- Complete protection against biofouling
- Reduced corrosion
- Minimal power requirements
- Modular electronic control panel using one module per flow line
- East system expansion by adding modules
- Anode save feature controls current to the anode based on there being or not being flow in the pipeline.

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