Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Catalogs] Synchronizable GPS Current Interrupter

Synchronizeable GPS Current Interrupter
- Synchronized using time provided by GPS satellites
- Can be attached to the existing rectifiers and assembled within new rectifiers
- By installing this equipment to existing rectifiers, you can monitor and control the output current/voltage of the rectifier in the office
- Can interrupt the output currents of rectifiers simultaneously within 10 ms

Data Logger for ON-line remote Monitoring of CP potential
- Small size, easy field application
- Can be used over one year in field without other power
- Data transmission by various wireless network including commercial mobile telecommunication network, RF, Zigbee communication, etc.
- Primary lithium battery  is used 
- Management software is user-friendly and powerful

Thin-Film ER sensor for corrosion rate measurement
- Using the advanced thin-type ER sensor, it is possible to measure the relatively low corrosion rate of metal (the resolution is blow 0.001 mm/y) exposed to meddly corrosive environments or cathodically protected

Sensors and electrodes for corrosion monitoring
- Electrical resistance type corrosion sensor
- LPR sensor
- Reference electrodes
- Special corrosion probes for special purposes

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