Friday, April 6, 2012

[Catalogs] ARA PLASMA Ballast Water Treatment System

1. Filtration Modul
- Removes larger particles and organisms included in ballast water that are bigger than 35㎛during injection of the ballast water.
- It is the double filtration which is highly accurate and reliable for filtering micro-organisms.
- Operates at only ballast mode.
(1) Filtration phase
- Throughout the filter cartridge, it removes any substance that are bigger than 35􀸫.
(2) Back– flushing phase
- Removes any substances in filter cartridges by housing internal pressure increase and time set.
- Be able to remove organisms manually. 

2. Low Voltage Plasma Module

-This unit can generate plasma underwater by using a low– voltage generator during its encounter with the ballast water in the vessel.
- Produces a pressure shockwave by a high– energy plasma arc.
- A shock wave destroys targeted micro-organisms such as zooplankton and phytoplankton by causing physical damage to their cell membranes underwater.
- Able to remove aquatic organisms in ballast water by using shock waves that have dramatic differential – pressure.
- Operates only during ballasting.
- Maintains safety assurance by an interlock function.

3. MPUV Module

- Accomplished uniform and efficient disinfection for bacteria and viruses.
- No need to add any chemical substances.
- No formation of residual toxics or harmful substances.
- Acts safely.
- Not only economical but also an eco-friendly system when compared to others.
- Use a wavelength of UV-C(200~280nm) to sterilize microorganisms.
- Sterilizes the microorganisms by exposing UV energy in ballast water.
- Generating UV rays from the mercury-arc lamp.
- Wavelength of medium-pressure lamp : 265 nm
- Operates during ballast and de-ballast mode.
- Available for automatic cleaning in order to increase the penetration rate of a quartz tube.

4. Control Panel

- Control panel provides all functions and sets on “ ARA PLASMA BWTS ”. 
- User can conveniently operate “ARA PLASMA BWTS” by touch screen. 
- The status of each module and any alarm messages can be easily monitored in real time 
- Control panel consists of four parts : monitoring & operating part, main switch, emergency stop switch and cabinet ventilators.

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