Monday, April 2, 2012

KOMEC Global Network

KOMEC serves as a booster to increase the export of Korean marine equipment and as a bridge between trades of such equipment. Also as an agency, it exports Korean marine equipment for a number of companies.

  • Establishment of Worldwide Global Network
  • Prompt After-Sales Service to Increase the Service Rate of Ships
  • Consulting on Purchase of Marine Equipment and Spare Parts
  • Serving as an Agency to Buy Marine Equipment and Spare PartsP
  • rovision of Global e-Market Place »
  • Operation of Portal Site on Marine Equipment and Spare parts»
  • Invitation to Overseas Buyers
  • Offer of a Chance to Meet with Marine Equipment Companies of Korea
  • Conclusion of Technical Partnership
  • Attending Marine Exhibition

KOMEC has built and operated e-Marketplace ( to export Korean marine equipment and spare parts.  KOMEC hopes to enter into partnership with promising companies for sale and after-sales service of Korean marine equipment and spare parts. If you want to buy Korean marine equipment or find reliable companies of marine
equipment, contact KOMEC.

Komec Website:, B2B Marketplace:
Chinese Blog :
General Support: +82-51-972-6474, +82-51-972-6478

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