Monday, April 9, 2012

KR's LNG-FPSO research

The Korean Register of Shipping (KR) announced a first-year study report of 'Development of safe design and reliable engineering for LNG-FPSO', on March 5.

Maritime Technology Research Team of KR is participating technology development for LNG plant project, led by the government and private organization, with core targets of 'Development of new LNG liquefaction process and original technology for commercial liquefaction plant design' and 'Independent on LNG-FPSO engineering', scheduled to be completed by June 2016.

Main goal of KR's project is to independently secure analytical techniques of risk and reliability, necessary to develop a FEED design of LNG-FPSO topside plant and apply the techniques in practical.

KR has successfully built theoretical base and application methodology of analytical techniques of risk and reliability for LNG-FPSO, during its first-year research.

Starting from the second-year round, it plans to develop safety design module, applicable to LNG-FPSO design and supply it to related companies in Korea.

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