Thursday, August 16, 2012

Havyard designs new wellboat

Havyard designs new wellboat

Fosnavaag Shipping is going to have a new wellboat constructed with an option for one further delivery.

The company has chosen a design from Havyard Group. The design is characterized as being the wellboat of the future.

Wellboat is a boat having a well in which fish or lobsters can be kept alive.

CEO Olav Remøy in Fosnavaag Shipping is delighted with the fact that they have now chosen their design and he has great faith in this being the correct time to go for a newbuild. The design is based on previous experiences the shipping company has made on their other three wellboats.

Both ship owner and design company are convinced that this is the wellboat of the future with a completely new and unique tank that the shipping company has been involved in developing.

Designer Kjetil Myren at Havyard Design & Engineering (HDE) in Fosnavåg informs that Havyard 587 is presently the largest in a series of wellboat designs developed in close cooperation with Fosnavaag Shipping.

The vessel has three large cylinder tanks for live fish with capacity for an impressive 3250 cubic. The ship is nearly 85 metres long and has accommodation for a crew of 12.

Havyard 587 will contain the finest within well boat technology, setting a new standard for gentle and environmentally friendly transport and treatment of live fish. The cylindrical cargo tanks and the efficient filter- and water treatment equipment, make it possible to do a sealed transport across long distances and with a greater fish density, informs the designer, who emphasizes that both hull lines and propulsion machinery are designed to suit a high maximum speed, as well as an operational-friendly average speed.

Delivery of the ship is due in January 2014 with the option for one further delivery six months later.

Fosnavaag Shipping now is in final negotiations with a shipyard regarding the construction of the wellboats.

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