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Cargo Monitoring, Cargo Monitoring System, Cargo Tracking System

Cargo Monitoring, Cargo Monitoring System, Cargo Tracking System

General Information
The radar sensor gauge is the best version of radar level gauge for marine tankers which has been made based on the long time field experience & stop less research and development. It is designed solely for measuring the distance, level, volume and reflectivity of liquids, pastes, slurries, and solids. Radar sensor can form part of an overfill protection system as defined in WHG if ordered with the appropriate options. Radar sensor is a level meter based upon FMCW radar. It is used for measuring Level, Volume, distance to surface, reflectivity of liquids, pastes and slurries. Radar sensor is a new generation level meter with a wizard-driven setup, fully-potted electronic subassemblies, an online help functions. Radar sensor gauge safety module located in the cargo control room by means of the pressure and temp. 

Principle of Operation
The radar sensor gauge is Radar Type level transmitter using a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) electromagnetic signal to measure the distance between its antenna and the cargo tank content surface (ullage). Frequency difference between transmitted and received wave is directly proportional ullage. An adapted data processing is able to be calculated. The micro wave signal issued from the antenna is directly processed, then we can obtain the distance between antenna and liquid surface (ullage).

Principle of Operation
- Ship's Radar tank gauging in storage vessels.
- Level measurement in processing vessels, reactors, blenders, scrubbers and mixers.
- Hygienic radar systems for distillation and purified water vessels even with water sprays.
- Interfaces on some special applications/liquids.
- Monitoring handling of high temperature molten products, inc metals minerals and coke

Optional Information
- Payment: T/T in Advance
- Origin: Korea
- Minimum Order: 1
- Packaging: Y
- Samples: Not Available

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