Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Equipment] AVEVA’s new Plant Design

AVEVA’s new Plant Design

Paris, France, 11 October 2012 - AVEVA launched AVEVA Everything3D (E3D) at the AVEVA World Summit in Paris.

AVEVA E3D will bring together technologies to provide a new vision enabling customers to adopt ‘Lean’ working practices spanning engineering, design and construction. This will speed overall project execution and reduce wastage. As part of AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design approach, AVEVA E3D brings significant innovations to greatly enhanced new-build plant design and through-life modification projects. Central to this is the integration of laser scan data and 3D geometry; powerful drafting tools and intuitive user interfaces for common design tasks.

'The market for plant design solutions is changing and requires a new vision,' said Dave Wheeldon, CTO and Head of Engineering Design Systems, AVEVA. 'It is no longer enough to achieve error-free designs. The availability of affordable new technologies makes it practical to broaden the reach of plant design to encompass other stakeholders – vendors, fabricators and the construction teams.

'A key to unlocking the cost savings offered by adopting a ‘Lean’ philosophy comes from the ability for teams remote from the design office to communicate status and construction information as the build progresses.'

'Our customers are facing many new challenges,' adds Bruce Douglas, SVP Strategy and Marketing, AVEVA. 'The pressure to extract more energy and mineral resources is resulting in larger and more technically challenging projects. An aging population of engineers in mature markets and an abundance of inexperience in emerging markets is driving plant design software to be easy to use, quick to be trained on and offer a faster time to production.

'In addition, the emergence of mobile and Cloud computing from the consumer market into the business market enables remote workers, specifically those on the construction site, to send crucial as-built information back to the design team via status updates and laser scan data. This enables rapid and cost-effective corrective actions to ensure maximum construction quality while protecting the project schedule.'

Published : October 15, 2012

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