Friday, October 5, 2012

Water Strainer, Silencer, Calrorifier

Company: Sunbo Industries. Co., Ltd.
Country:  South Korea
Address: 1517-2, Dadaedong, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea (South) 604-050
Contact: Choi Geum Sik
Tel: +82-51-260-5555

Water Strainer

 Water Strainer, Silencer, Calrorifier

WATER STRAINER is installed after the sea chest of the ship's tank top in order to refine the onflowing sea water, MCC (MARINE CYLINDRICAL CORRUGATED) TYPE shaped as a half-moon, is improved type that increases filtering dimensions and lessens the size of JIS F 7226, Therefore, the material costs are reduced, handling is easy, and secure Tank Top space to arrange system more efficiently.


Water Strainer, Silencer, Calrorifier

SILENCER is used in order to reduce the noise from inside the electiricity controller's combustion engine, and it is classified as ABSORPTION TYPE, BAFFLE PLATE TYPE, WITH SPARK ARRESTOR TYPE, and etc. SUNBO's silencer has an excellent sound reduction effect and descends pressure of small amounts. SUNBO is improving the ex-model through analyzing techniques to make a selection of a model for adequate use.


Our shipbuilding business division retains technologies and competitive power for executing all shipbuilding processes from the basic design to the production, and supplies the best products to domestic and international shipbuilding yards.

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