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Air Purge Type, Air-Purge Type Level Gauge

Air Purge Type Ballast Level Gauging Systems (Electric Press)

Air Purge Type, Air-Purge Type Level Gauge

Company: MARSEN CO., LTD.
Country: South Korea
Address: 3153, MYUNGJI, GANGSEO GU, Busan, 618-815
Contact: Jin Taek Kim
Phone: +82-51-831-2108

Principle of Operation

Air Purge Type, Air-Purge Type Level Gauge 

The ceramic measuring cell is oil-free, I.e the process pressure acts directly on the rugged ceramic diaphragm of pressure transmitter and causes it to move by a max, 0.025mm. A pressure-dependent change in capacitance is measured by the electrodes in both the ceramic substrate and the diaphragm. The measuring range is determined by the thickness of this ceramic diaphragm.


Air Purge Type, Air-Purge Type Level Gauge

With is high electrical and mechanical stability, pressure transmitter fulfills all plant construction standards.

Ceramic measuring cell-extremely resistant to overload, alternating loads and aggressive media.
Support cable with hard-wearing conical seal on the probe tube and climatic protection in the pressure compensation tube.
Potted electronics with 4-20mA output signal and integrated overvoltage protection.
Certified for hazardous area Ex ia ⅡC T6.

Ballast tank remote reading
Draft remote reading
Fuel oil tank remote reading
Waste waters, wells, locks, reveres etc.

Optional Information
- Payment: T/T in Advance
- Origin: Korea
- Minimum Order: 1
- Packaging: Y
- Samples: Not Available


Air Purge Type, Air-Purge Type Level Gauge

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