Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[Marine] Green ship investment "In Doubt"

Green ship investment "In Doubt"

With mixed evaluation on eco-design ship, there is growing interest in green ships in China, as well.

Although many shipyards are inducing shipowners to invest in Eco ship, eco-friendly ship finds it hard to reach to firm contract.

Chinese industrial professionals said that even though eco-friendly ships have not been proved of its capacity yet, shipbuilders are definitely attracting shipowners with fuel efficiency.

It is surely appealing to shipowners, but there will be seen only a few contracts for a while.

With financial problems, many shipowners rather choose to invest in second-hand vessels with lower prices than to invest in high-value eco-design ones. They expect immediate effect, amid shipping crisis, but savings by green ships will take time.

Moreover, as shipowners can save fuels by low-speed sailing and adjusting sailing distance, etc., they do not feel pressure to invest in eco ship.

Published : November 19, 2012

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