Friday, November 16, 2012

[Marine] Sampson conversion recently completed

Sampson conversion recently completed

Viktor Lenac has recently completed a major conversion contract involving the Heavy Lift Construction vessel Samson, owned by CVI Global Lux Oil and Gas 4 S.A.R.L., which has had a pipe-laying capability installed.

Sampson has been converted from an offshore gas and oil field installation vessel, built in 2010, 180 m long and 32 m wide, carrying a crane of 1.600 ton capacity, into a crane and pipelay vessel.

This is one more conversion on Viktor Lenac’s respectable reference list of complex projects in conversion and offshore among which Helix Producer I, Seminole, Kommandor 3000 and others, establishing its position as one of the few specialized shipyards for ship conversions and gas platform construction in the entire region of the Mediterranean.

The Aft cargo holds have been converted into two Engine rooms with 3 Gensets each, and Fresh water tanks have been converted into two Thruster rooms with Retractable Azimuth Thrusters. The Forward cargo hold has been converted into an A&R winch room.

The Void space has been converted into a Drive room with Variable Frequency Drive units, Transformers and other electrical equipment.

Three 125 tonne capacity Tensioners, two 100 tonne Track supports, two 60 tonne Tracks supports and other Remacut pipelay equipment have been installed.

A new pipelay enclosure was fabricated, installed and outfitted, and 700 m of Monorails and rails for Welding Trolleys was installed.

An A-Frame as well as 50 m long stinger and associated equipment was fabricated, installed and outfitted.

New built-in steel (without Stinger) totalled 1,300 t.

Published : November 15, 2012

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