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Rescue Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment

Rescue Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment

Company: NAVUTEC Co., Ltd.
Country: South Korea
Address: 1077-7, Dalsan-ri, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea (South) 619-961
Contact: Jung Sowon
Phone: +82-51-728-5055

NAVUTEC work with Loss and Safety Prevention Engineering Service and Process Systems
as your Service Contractors.
Our competence lies in technology, product know-how, project execution, integrated solution
and over all customer satisfaction.
We have also gained as reliable position as supplier, manufacture and Service Contractors in the Marine &
OFFSHORE  market for high quality demand projects.
NAVUTEC has a specialized focus on fire protection services for;
Customer Services
- Safety and Loss Prevention Engineering
- Design Engineering
- Service & Maintenance
- Installation & Commissioning
- Instrument & Electrical Equipment
- Manufacture
Including service and modification work on equipment and systems on working offshore installations.
Products & Service
- Fire Protection System
- Deluge System
- Sprinkler System
- Foam System ; Local, Centralized, High Expansion
- Water Mist System
- Powder and Dual Agent System
- Gaseous System including Inergen, Co2 etc.
- Firewater Monitor
- Firewater Hosereel
- Firewater Hydrants
- Foam Proportioning Equipment
- Personal & Safety Equipment
- Nozzle

Rescue Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment

Cutting Tool

Type: Portable & Manual Type
Size: 698(A) x 205(B) x 170(C)mm
Cutting force: 247/25.2kn/t
Spreading: 268mm
Round bar: 24mm
Max. Working pressure: 720/72BAR/Mpa
Temperature range: -20˚- +55˚ ℃
Weight: about 11 kg

Rescue Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment

Metal Shears

Type: Metal Shears 12"
Drop Forged Type with Safety Ring
Cutting Capacity: Steel 1.2mm, Stainless Steel 0.7mm
Weight: about 1 kg

Rescue Equipment, Water Rescue Equipment

Portable Gas welding

Type: Parable welding and cutting machine
Weight: 42.5 kg
Note: Suitable for NMD rule requirement

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