Friday, November 2, 2012

Screw Clamp, Screw Clamps, Buy Cheap Screw Clamp

Screw Clamp / NPC-T WLL of 5 Ton
Screw Clamp, Screw Clamps, Buy Cheap Screw Clamp

- A screw clamp for hanging hooks of lever blocks when building vessels and constructing (attaching) plants.

- When hanging the hook of a lever block or a chain block directly on a work piece, the load is concentrated at the end of the hook, leading to safety accidents caused by the widening or break off the hook. This model is used to prevent such accidents.
- With NPC-T, it is possible to do two kinds of operation at the same time when lever blocks are used: up and down straight operation between the upper eye hook and the lower screw; operation from the side either right or left using the eye hole at the rear of the jaw opening.
- NPC-T holds a work piece tight as the space between the jaw and the work piece becomes smaller in proportion to the load on the spherical teeth of the jig bearing which works as gearing on the opposite side.
- An efficient clamp that can do pulling and horizontal lifting by simply operating the screw.

[How to use]
- Insert a work piece into the end of the clamp's jaw opening and then tightly fasten the screw.

- Always observe the rated capacity specified on the clamp.
- Only use work pieces that fall within the range of the jaw opening specified in the instruction manual.
- If the load is placed on the side of the eye hook, not on a straight line with the eye hook, always make sure that the load placed on the side should be half of the rated capacity specified on the clamp.- Never vertically lift a work piece with this model.
Attach Files: NPC-T.pdf
Packing Detail

* Export Carton
- Size: W: 38cm x L: 20cm x H: 10.5cm
- Net Weight: 13.4kg
- 1 unit in One Carton

* Item
- Size: W: 38cm x L: 20cm x H: 10.5cm
- Net Weight: 13.4kg
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