Friday, November 23, 2012

[Ship Building] Chinese vie for cruiseship

Chinese vie for cruiseship

While unprecedented troubles hit shipbuilding market, cruiseship building may save stagnant Chinese shipyards.

Specialists from major four cruiseship shipyards in Europe are looking for partners in China.

China's HIT Marine Company (HIT) was offered a proposal from an executive from UK-based cruiseship professional to establish a cruiseship owner in China.

Chief Executive Li Sheng of HIT said now they are inviting investors to build China's first cruiseships and they are contacting Chinese shipyards, Hotel managing companies, shipping companies, private equity funds, etc.

He added that many domestic shipyards are interested in building China's first cruiseship.

Cruiseship market is now dominated by shipbuilders in Finland, France, Germany and Italy.

Mr. Li Sheng said Chinese shipyards will have no problem in building cruiseship on the basis of high-end technology from Europe, abundant funds and lower costs in China, etc., however, cruiseship is a daunting segment.

Published : November 23, 2012

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