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Electric Gas Welding, Electro Gas Welding

CS-EGW-N Electric Gas Welding

Electric Gas Welding, Electro Gas Welding

Company: Chung Song Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd
Country: South Korea
Address: # 234-22, Daegam-ri, Daedong-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea (South) 621-892
Contact: Eunu Kim
Phone: +82-55-329-9500

Founded in 1991, Cheong Song Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of welding auto.
Currently, welding auto carriage is widely used in dockyards and construction sites in Korea and abroad, and our company has supplied our products to many domestic and foreign companies as they have been recognized of their efficiency, thus approved of their values.

Our company has developed multi-functional welding carriage and digitally controlled welding auto carriage capable of horizontal and vertical welding, and in their functions, we have enjoyed many praises from our customers with endless R&D such as convenient controls for users, reducing products' weight, etc. 

Electric Gas Welding, Electro Gas Welding

1. Butt welder by Electric Gas welding for vertical-up direction with thickness of 25-50mm by one pass where weaver needs.
2. Applicable to ship's blocks and a larger storage tanks.
3. Stick-out and travelling speeds in automation by means of detecting various currents providing from melt metal height in the bath.
4. The bead is performing while the machine goes up with copper shoe and cooling by fresh water circulation.
5. The control of the machine possible both of the control panel and wired control panel.
6. Magnet On-Off switch type rail offers in-line adjustment easily.
7. Minimized gear backlash offers various constant speed/adjustable controls precisely thus the highest quality welding and a long life by means of a Special Motor with a Reducer.
8. The smaller size and lighter weight offer easy to transportation.

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