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[Equipment] NAPA in Landmark Deal

NAPA in Landmark Deal

HELSINKI NOVEMBER 29, 2012 - NAPA Group, the leading software house for ship design and operations, announced the ongoing success of its contract with BOURBON, a leader in offshore oil and gas marine services, to provide loading computers for 55 of its offshore support vessels (OSV).

The latest software will enable BOURBON to improve safe loading and unloading with maximum cargo intake while improving assistance to stability, longitudinal strength for operational efficiency.

NAPA has begun and will continue to provide BOURBON OSVs with the most versatile and sophisticated 3D systems on the market; providing “real time” onboard loading calculations and ship stability analysis, as well as an emergency response system during loading.

The software will be installed on twenty Bourbon Explorer 500 series vessels, fifteen Bourbon Liberty 150 series vessels and twenty Bourbon Liberty 300 series vessels commissioned by BOURBON and built by Sinopacific Zhejiang Shipbuilding shipyard in Ningbo, China. Five of the Bourbon Liberty 300 vessels have already been delivered and this extraordinary 55-vessel deal is in full progress with good outcomes for BOURBON thus far.

Matti Salo, President of NAPA for Operations, commented: “The announcement is testament to the reliability and increasing reputation of the NAPA Loading Computer and aligns with our strategy for providing industry leaders with the tools they need to better perform their OSV operations safely. We remain committed to developing software that supports safety and efficiency in all onboard operations.”

Olivier Daniel, BOURBON Managing Director Newbuilding, BOURBON said: “BOURBON does not compromise with safety. Our relationship with NAPA has been fruitful and should mature with the numerous coming installations. The effective loading of a vessel is absolutely critical, as the movement of heavy objects onto the ship during loading impacts stability and increases the risk of harm. The installation of NAPA’s Loading Computers will help our crews to improve preparation for and management loading procedures, maximising safety at every stage.”

The NAPA Loading Computer has been approved by all major classification societies. It uses an extremely accurate 3D calculation engine based on sophisticated ship design mathematics to incorporate a range of calculations related to the ship’s hydrostatics.

Published : December 4, 2012

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