Monday, December 10, 2012

[Marine] Shanghai denies 'Pricing Gap'

Shanghai denies 'Pricing Gap'

The Maritime Safety Administration of Shanghai has denied recently published articles about huge pricing gaps between domestic and overseas shipowners.

Also, the government said it provided standards in shipbuilding contract that Chinese shipyards could refer to.

According to the Maritime Safety Administration of Shanghai, it issued certificates for temporary Chinese registry for around 25 test sailing vessels during this third quarter, declined by one vessels year-on-year.

The article reported that quite significant newbuilding price differences between the same-size vessels. Newbuilding prices of 87,000-dwt bulker vary from $50.3m to $54.25m, while 115,000-dwt and 176,000-dwt range from $51.8m to $56.07m and from $48m to $59.5m, respectively.

However, the Chinese government completely negated that it did not revealed any content of this article and this was not true at all.

China's shipping expert Wu Minghua said shipyards make different pricing in terms of shipowners was unrealistic.

He added local shipbuilders negotiated newbuilding prices with owners in terms of market prices and they compared prices of shipyards in China, Korea and Japan.

Wu emphasized keeping prices in secret was basically impossible.

Published : December 7, 2012

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