Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pipe Lifting Hook, Lifting Hooks, Lifting Hook Supplier

Pipe Lifting Hook / NCP-N WLL Of 2 Ton

Pipe Lifting Hook, Lifting Hooks, Lifting Hook Supplier

Product Description
-A pipe hook which is used for shipping or installing pipes at shipyards, chemical plants and ports.

-To prevent damage (teeth marks) to the inside diameter of pipes, the upper and lower contact areas of the jaw  opening have the same curvature as the pipes.
-A hook only for chemical pipes. To prevent damage (teeth marks) to pipes, rubber plates (belt plates) are attached to the contact area of the jaw opening with a work piece.
-NCP-N and NCP-R have no built-in safety latch, but an external force that pulls inwards in proportion to the  lifting angle of a wire rope sling and the weight of a work piece prevents the work piece from slipping.

[How to use]
-Insert a pipe into the end of the hook's jaw opening and lift slowly.

-Always observe the rated capacity specified on the hook.
-Always use a work piece only which falls within the range specified in the instruction manual.
-Before lifting, make sure that a work piece is horizontal.
- Carefully read [Warnings] on lifting hooks and familiarize yourself with them before lifting.
Attach Files : NCP-N.pdf
Packing Detail

* Export Carton
- Size : W: 24.5cm x L: 16cm x H: 7cm
- Net Weight : 2.6kg
- 1 unit in One Carton

* Item
- Size : W: 24.5cm x L: 16cm x H: 7cm
- Net Weight : 2.6kg
- Shipping cost is based on dispatches by international courier to your selected Location.
- This cost is the best level from the International Courier of B2BMall.
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- If you have any doubts on the genuineness of that, please report it to KOMEC.

- B2BMall provides secured transaction intermeadiary system only; All responsibility included the quality,
- inventory status, delivery, and description of registered products is on the suppliers.

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