Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Ship Building] Chinese Need Changes

Chinese Need Changes

While China's three shipbuilding indexes all keep falling up to September this year, local sources predicted that Chinese shipbuilding market would stay in the doldrums for a while.

China's CIConsulting said newbuilding demand has consistently remained bearish since the end of last year amid sluggish global economy and shrinking international trade. Moreover, weaknesses of Chinese shipbuilding industries are standing out with each passing day, it added.

CIConsulting predicted Chinese shipyards would meet a gust of changes, saying transition into offshore business should be based on each shipbuilder's capacity, potential and current situation.

However, yard overcapacity will be a setback to shipyards' development.

Also, it suggested that Chinese shipyard should pay more attention to green ship, with tightened and more international regulations over environment.

As shipbuilding and design capabilities on eco-design ships will affect shipyard competitiveness, Chinese shipbuilding industries would better preoccupy the segment with full-fledged R&D.

Moreover, offshore segment is important as it links further to subsea market.

Published : December 10, 2012

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